Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Who doesn't love a sale?!  I know I do and I'm ready to SHOP!   Teachers Pay Teachers (TpT) is throwing a site-wide sale offering up to 28%!  

 If you are caught in that winter (rain) storm like I am... you have the whole day off to shop!  I've already started adding products to my cart.   My whole store is on SALE, but I highlighted some products you might want to grab while prices are slashed!

Source:  Karen Jones (Thanks for the graphic!)

 Just because February is almost over doesn't mean your students can't learn about historical African Americans that have impacted history!  These are great for small group passages.  It includes single page bios, fill in notes, and an activity!

My Water Cycle Resource Pack is full of activities to keep your kids engaged of all things Water Cycle!  This includes an original reader, vocabulary cards, activity sheets, experiments, and more!

 Spring is in less than 25 days, but it sure doesn't feel like it!  Your kids will be sure to still enjoy some Winter Fun resources!  Check out my math and literacy bundles!  

Testing season is coming up and nobody like to test prep, but it's important we are reviewing with our students what is going to be expected!  This CGI Word problem packets will allow you expose your students to a variety of problems where they will be required to add, subtract, and most importantly SHOW and EXPLAIN their work!  Check out the freebie here!

 Literacy and Math Centers with some Basketball Fun!  
Great way to review math and literacy standards.

Let those Ninja Es help your students learn how to read CVCe word patterns!

Need some new activities for your students to engage in during word work / sight word centers? Check out my mega sight word bundle! I use the single word activity pages for homework and the sticker book and word work task cards are perfect for centers.

Wooh!  There's so much more!  Head over to Teachers Pay Teachers and check out all the other goods that are on sale!  EXTRA Discount Code:  HEROES

Happy Shopping!! 

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