Monday, October 21, 2013

Jack O' Lantern Place Value

I brought back a fun and festive activity I did last year with my kids:  Place Value Jack O' Lanterns!  The kids had so much fun.  Every student got their own number (modified based on abilities).  I provided them with most of the cutouts to save time (they had to cutout their own circles).  I used an old ice cream tub top for the pumpkin shape and made a semi - circle cutout for the mouth using black construction paper.  Three triangles for the eyes/nose and they were able to make"tens and ones" teeth appropriate for the jack o' lantern.  Click the picture below for the freebie recording sheet!

After they completed the project, I chose 2 students at a time and we compared our jack o' lanterns (they just had a ball thinking about which one "Alligator" was going to eat)  and then I would choose 3-4 students at a time to order their jacks from greatest to least and least to greatest!  We had so much fun with this activity.