Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Classroom Pics and Freebies!

The craziness of school has started for me and I finally got to take some photos of my class.  I usually go in 1-2 weeks earlier to start organizing and decorating, but this summer our building was closed and unavailable to work in. :(  I stuck to the same theme of College Sports, but this year I decided to go with a BRIGHT...ER  :) color theme.    Main colors are green, blue, yellow and purple, there are hints of pink here and there.   I had thrown a bunch of things in my bins due to open house without officially getting to organize because we had another day before school started, but I never got to them.  I've been staying a couple (ok a lot) of hours after school each day to finish organizing/decorating --if I wait, it will never happen!  Here's a sneak peak into my classroom.  Also check below for a link to the number labels I use for bookbag hooks and center bins!

 This is our classroom tracker.  I used it last year and it really motivated the students.  I write the class average (based on weekly assessments) on a football and tape it on the "field."  When we take our benchmark test, we see how our percentage has changed for those particular skills and move our football.  Our goal is to have 80% or higher.
I Can Statements / Standards
Hall  Passes  and below  my Promethean are Larry Bell's Power Words (each can be found in my Sports Theme Decor Packet.)
  The words are right below my Promethean so my students and I can easily access them throughout the day.

Math Bins:  If you like these labels CLICK HERE to download for free (I also added colorful polka dot number labels in the packet!)

 Writing Center
Homework / Parent Note Bins on top of my shelf and below is storage for literacy centers.
I am so so so so  lucky to have 7 of these bad boys!
 Homework Club Board, I got the numbers and header from Fourth Grade Frolics.  Click for the freebie!  Doesn't look so nice in the picture because of the lighting, but in person it's a shiny, glittery purple!

I'll be sure to add some more "official" pics by next week when everything SHOULD be complete.  Good luck to everyone on having a successful school year!

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