Monday, January 26, 2015

100th Day of School !!

This past week we celebrated the 100th day of school!  I can't believe it's been 100 days already.  I know the 2nd semester is going to fly by, just about every month we have some sort of break... except for March.. longest month ever -- maybe we can get lucky and get some snow  ;)  I've been hyping up the 100th day since well day 1 so my kids were READY!  Unfortunately, we are on a tight scope and sequence learning schedule and I can't completely forgo our usual standards.. not even for 1 day.  I wanted my students to still feel like we were celebrating the "whole day" so check out what we did below.  It is FULL of freebies!  If you haven't celebrated already, I hope you can use some of these ideas!

 "I WOKE UP LIKE THIS!"  I bought the wig from Party City, found my best "granny" clothes I had in my closet and become Mrs. Aribo at 100 years.  My kids loved it!  Funniest part of the day was when my wig fell halfway off my head during the math lesson. I have ALOT of hair... Oops!
As soon as the kids got in they had a folder (folded large piece of construction paper) and cover to color (Source: Mel D from Suesstastic) , stickers, bingo markers,  and 10 strands of construction paper.  I wanted them to get their hats made right away so that it wouldn't take out too much of our instructional day. I preassembled the ten strips onto the large strip and all they would have to do is add 10 stickers, drawings, or use the bingo markers. I used the "100 Days Smarter" template from Cara's (The First Grade Parade) 100 Days Freebie Packet.   Then they had the option to have me close it or leave it open!  I had one buddy that wanted to leave it open.  I loved that he didn't mind being different! 

MUSIC:  To make it even more fun I had a 100 Days Playlist playing the background on repeat.  

Here's the link  to my 100 Days Playlist.

 I also loved Cara's stations idea and I thought with our time constraint that would be the best way to get the most out of our time. My kids are also awesome at our usual centers so there wasn't a lot of management necessary.  I had 6 stations going!  I placed everything they needed in labeled bins and  quickly went over each station and the contents of the bins.  I let them know that there were directions if they forget and that I would be walking around.  I also had printed out some other 100 day activities to put in their folder, so that if they finished their station early before time was up, they had something else to engage in if necessary!  Here are some 100 day freebies I stuck in their folders  100 Days Graph , 100 Day Freebie from Two Pink Peas,100th Day Freebie from Cahill's Creation.

STATIONS (Sorry I wasn't able to take pictures of everything: hopefully the explanation will suffice).    If you would like a copy of  bin labels and recording sheets CLICK HERE

1.  Build It to 100: The students during our math lesson had to use the cubes.  I had them "help" me figure out the best way they could organize the cubes so I could quickly count out 100 for their bins.  I told them I didn't have much time.. and they told me to put them into groups of ten ;) .  I then had 3 bins of 100 cubes and they were to try to build something using all the cubes.  For once I told them these cubes are not just our math tools, but they can be treated as TOYS (and they all cheered!! hah)

2.  Read to 100:  I had a bin of words ranging from sight words to CVC words.  I just took words I already had in their literacy station.  They were to read and record as many words as possible.

3.  Pattern Block to 100:  Students created a design using 100 pattern blocks.  It was so nice to see their creative juices flowing! So sad I didn't get to take any pics!

4.  100 Years Old Selfie!:   The students drew a picture of themselves at 100 yrs old vs. today. I used the template from this freebie from Cahill's Creation!  I downloaded an App called "AgingBooth" and at the end of the station I took a picture of the kids so they can see themselves transform.  I put them all in a folder on the IPAD and played it as a slideshow at the end of the day.  SUPER EASY and fun!

5.  Roll and Race to 100 - Oldie, but goodie!  The kids rolled two dice add them together and marked it on their 100 chart with the bingo marker.  Whoever got to 100 first won!  I told the kids they could play multiple times and just choose a different color bingo marker. 

6.  100 Day Necklace - This station took the longest to complete  so if the kids didn't finish in time, I let them stay for a second round.  The kids that were meant to go to this station just joined them.  I had this laid out at  large table so if a 2nd group joined it would be ok. I never had more than two groups at a time.  If you have a lot of kids, you might want to just make this a separate whole group activity.  This page from Mrs. Jone's Creation Station 100th Day of School Freebie helped them speed things up.  

 We got all the stations done in an hour and a half (15 minutes at each station) to end our day and it was a success!  The kids had a blast and I didn't go out of my mind.  I can't wait for next year! 

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