Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Graphing Mania!

My firsties are currently working on graphing and we are having so much fun with it!  Even though we do a daily data investigation,  I will focus on their two favorite so far...  What is your "Favorite International Treat?" and "Let's Play Basketball"... click the link for the freebies! (Graphics:  Scrappin Doodles and Ashley Hughes)

In the beginning of the year  we do a mini unit in SS introducing the themes we will cover for the year.  Last week, we went over tradition, culture, and location.  We went on an "international" flight around the world tasting treats from 3 different countries.  The students had a blast!  We talked about how kids from other places are different, but the same in many ways, especially in their love for treats.  The students did a taste test of each treat, completed a survey / bar graph of their favorite, and analyzed the data.  Most of these treats can be found in any major grocery store's international section, I went to Krogers.

 "Let's Play Basketball" is a task from the Georgia Frameworks, I just created my own recording sheet and printed out basketball jerseys for my students to tape on their back.  I created 4 teams and they each had a chance to take as many shots possible in 1 minute.  Each team had two people returning the ball, a shooter, and score keeper.  The scorekeeper tallied the shots in and out. Afterwards, everyone got their own stat sheet, converted it into a bar graph, and analyzed the data.  They were so supportive of each other and no matter how many shots they made, they all had so much fun!


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