Friday, August 23, 2013

Five for Friday


 I'm not going to lie this week FLEW by, I can't believe Week 2 (and a half) is over! I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Five for Friday with 5 weekly randoms.

1.  I am almost finished with my room... finally!!! I made a committment to get COMPLETELY organized this year leaving no section of my room unturned.  Of course, the first day came and went, and things weren't how I wanted, but I put my curtains (Party City tablecovers) up today.  Very inexpensive way to brighten up your room ( $1.99 for 1).  I had have 6 windows and was able to get 3 curtains out of 1 pack. The curtain helped pull my room together. 

2.  I read "Fancy Nancy" to my students on Monday to introduce the "fancy" words we are going to be using in class (aka vocabulary words), and the next day one of my kids wore this.  She said she wanted to be like Fancy Nancy... her sister in K was wearing the same outfit!  It was tooooo cute!

3.  First year doing the homework club and it is a success!! The kids clap for each other when I announce their name as being part of the club, they are so proud.  Such a simple idea, but so effective - I have 100% hmwk completion (waaay better than last year)! I used a metal baking pan (Dollar Tree) , glitter card stock (Big Lots) and glitter!  Here is a link to the freebie by Fourth Grade Frolics.

4.  I joined Instagram!  Follow me at thefirstgradeformula.

5.  My fiance has wanted to watch Cloud Atlas for the longest... and I have been against it because it just doesn't look good... well our movie night is being spent by me blogging and him trying to figure out what's going on in the movie because it makes absolutley no sense! -_-

Now I'm off to nurse this cold... 13 days in and  I already got kiddie coodies.  I need to go stock up on some vitamins! :(

Happy Friday everyone!  Good luck to everyone starting on Monday!

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