Monday, September 23, 2013

Fall is Here!

Fall is finally here!  Summer is my favorite season, but I can't wait until I can start wearing my scarves and boots.  We've been working on some addition in my classroom before we start place value.  Here are a couple fall - themed centers I whipped up for my class -- nothing fancy, but it works!  I want (need!) all my students to be fluent in their addition facts.  I'm tired of the fingers! We already practice double facts and 10 partners with our warm up youtube songs.   Click the links for the freebies! :)  Happy fall!

Number Monster - aka war, but number monster is more kid-friendly name!  Students take out 2 number cards, add them up, and whoever has the greater number gets to  "eat" all the cards.  They recorded their equations on the a sheet, some kids had horizontal and others had the vertical sheet included in the packet.

"Fall into Graphing"  - I found some fall-themed table scatter from Target and had the students graph them for some review.  Before I found them, I had planned to use leaves (included in the freebie too!)

The other  center pictured is part of my  roll and read mat Spring collection  (wrong season, but they still had fun!)  and Sheppard Software (free online math games)!

Also, with fall comes Johnny Appleseed!  We are going full out on Thursday, but I created an apple sorting math center to review the equal sign   This did allow for some AWESOME math talk.


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