Wednesday, April 3, 2013

I love the Madness!

Classroom madness..?  Not so much, but the madness of basketball? Yes, please!  I am a HUGE sports fan, especially when it has to do with my Michigan Wolverines.  As of now, we have made it to the Final Four and I couldn't be happier (ok, maybe if we win the championship).

To celebrate the tournament, my students have been using centers from my Basketball Madness Pack.
They were able to engage in  some review centers like measurement and graphing as well as practice their addition and subtraction skills.  Click here for a fun graphing freebie!

Addition and Subtraction Match
Basketball Measurement Activity using Standard & Non-Standard Units

"Jump Ball" is a missing pattern activity.  Students had 4 basketballs on a strip with a ? on one, which they had to figure out.  Some of my students had difficulty with skip patterns that were not 2,5, and 10.  I had them use a 120 chart to circle the numbers that were already on the b-ball pattern strip.  Then I had them try to figure out the pattern by looking at the chart.  I loved hearing the conversations they were having with each other as to what they thought the pattern was and ... WHY (explanations make me smile)!  They came up with their own strategies (look at the ones or tens, count how many "jumps" in between) to figure out the pattern.  I was really proud of them!

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