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Hey Guys!!  My name is Chankyna Aribo!  Say it with me slowly.. Chan – Keena  A-ree-bo, don’t worry very few pronounce it right on the first try and most people keep it short and sweet and call me Kyna.  I’ve been a 1st grade teacher in Georgia for the past 7 years.  I was born and raised in a small town in Connecticut.

I went to the University of Michigan ( GO BLUE!!!!!) and majored in Sociology and African American Studies (originally I was in the Art & Design school to become an interior designer, but that’s a whole other story).

 During my time at U of M, I worked for America Reads as a tutor in Detroit Public Schools.  I loved working with "my kids" on their reading and seeing their growth.  I didn’t mind the 1.5 hr travel time 3x a week, or the PD sessions I had to go to on top of my regular schedule of classes to learn how to teach reading. I realized that I found my passion, I wanted to teach.  By senior year, it was too late to switch majors so I found an alternative route through Teach for America (’08 Atlanta).  I moved to Georgia and haven’t looked back ever since!  During my time as a corp member, I received my Masters in Early Childhood Education and a math endorsement at Georgia State University.   

Oh! And did I mention, I also met my wonderful soldier here in Georgia?!  In 2014, I loved him so much I married him twice (his joke not mine)!  We had two weddings, one was a traditional Cambodian cermony in CT  and the other was a good 'ol traditional southern wedding in Georgia.

I can't forget our little sassy fur baby Sasha! I've never had a dog before Sasha and while I was at a friend's Memorial Day cookout, a neighbor was walking her.  I commented on how cute she was (she was just 3 months old) and was then asked if I wanted her!  Her previous owner couldn't keep her and was going to bring her to the pound that day, but they were closed due to the holiday (AMEN!).  I said yes (because she was just too cute to not have a home) and took her with me that day!

     In my free time, I love hanging out with my husband, my extended family (we are super close, but they are all in CT sometimes I do get homesick!) catching up with friends, reading, playing tennis, playing with Sasha and rooting on my Michigan Wolverines and Washington Redskins. 

As a Teacher...
    If you asked my students for one of my favorite sayings it would be “we don’t have time to waste!”   I have my students for one year and I must  make the most of it.  It usually feels like there is just never enough time in the day, so when planning I like to integrate, differentiate, and use efficient and effective resources—and that doesn’t have to mean boring.  Expect to see creative teaching ideas and resources not only that I have created myself, but those that I found stalking other teaching blogs and Pinterest.  There are so many brilliant other teachers out there and I’m so thankful that we are able to connect and share.

So WELCOME and thanks for joining me on my teaching journey.

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