Sunday, March 1, 2015

Read Across America (A Birthday Celebration!)

Tomorrow we will be celebrating Reading Across America week along with Dr. You Know Who's birthday!  This is a brief snapshot at what I plan to do tomorrow.  I'll update with action shots sometime this week.  I found some fun (and standard related) resources over the web and made anything else I needed!  Check below for some freebies!

We will start the day making celebratory hats that they can wear throughout the day.  I will pre-make the cut outs so it doesn't take up too much of their morning work time.


Next, we will read  "The Lorax," for our read aloud.  I bought this in iBooks to play on our Promethean Board (love technology!)   This will connect with our math activity later in the day (keep reading!).   I will also be using this book to teach our "Reading Power Skill" of the week of cause and effect.  

We will continue our normal phonics skill of the week introductory lesson and then break into small groups.

Dr. Seuss themed groups are (all other groups will be norm):  

1.  Reading Nook:  Students will choose from a bin of Dr. Seuss books.  They will then choose their favorite book to use for our opinion writing activity (during writing block). I'll have the students write down their favorite book so they are not trying to run back to find it.

2.  Rhyme Time: Students will sort words into different word families.  

I found the CUTEST Dr. Seuss shape activity.  We just started our geometry unit, so this was a perfect activity to put their math vocabulary to use.  I found this on good ol' pinterest, which led me to, if you register (free), you can get the template for the activity below.  I created the writing page and you can get that by clicking the pic below!

I will be cutting the shapes on orange construction paper and copying the mustaches on yellow paper (again, for times sake!).  We will also be adding arms and legs!  Students will then write 3-5 sentences describing their shape (using defining attributes) and comparing them to other shapes.    Ex:  This is a triangle.  It has 3 sides and 3 vertices.  It has fewer sides than a square, but more sides than a circle.  I can't wait to see how these turn out!


We are currently working on writing opinion pieces. They will reflect on which book they liked the best from their time in their reading nook center. I will also have them illustrate a picture from their favorite part. Click below for the freebie! 

Clipart:  Krista Wallden

We will end our day reading "One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish" and  eating some jello w/ fishies!  Last year, we did green eggs and ham, but I wanted to change it up!  If you want to do a graphing activity with green eggs and ham.

Source:  Cupcake Diaries 

 Well, that's the plan for tomorrow, check back soon for in action pictures!

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